I Was So Scared To Test For HIV/AIDS–Lydia Forson

HIV AIDS is undoubtedly one of the deadliest diseases that ever existed on the surface of the earth. The virus which fights against the red blood cells of its victims, making them grow extremely slim and eventually killing them is feared by every human being even though there are drugs that can suppress the virus’ damaging activities.
Going for an HIV test is one of the most difficult decisions for most people. With no knowledge of how things would turn out at the testing centre or hospital, one is always filled with fear, anxiety and mind bumbling questions.

Actress Lydia Forson has shared her experience on her first time of testing for HIV. A lot of people have been bold to test for it while others too are still pondering over whether to test or not.
Award-winning actress Lydia Forson revealed how anxious she was during her first time of testing for HIV. She revealed on Farmers Day edition of New Day on TV3.
“As for me, I was afraid when testing for HIV, even though it was for no reason”. The 2017 Best AFRIFF actress happily said.
December 1 every year marks World AIDS Day and it is aimed at creating awareness of the AIDS epidemic and its effects caused and also to remember the victims of the virus.
Actress Lydia Forson is also known to be vocal when it comes to issues bothering society and Ghana as a whole.
She has starred in a lot of Ghanaian movies and won quite a number of prestigious awards.


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