(Watch Video) I Will Continue To Be Loyal To Shatta Wale Even If He Slaps Me Over And Over Again–Slapped Bodyguard, (Sparta Biggie)

One would ask, is it stupidity, loyalty or poverty?
In our part of the world, people pretend to be loyal because of poverty and lack of jobs and this is the exact case of the slapped bodyguard of Shatta Wale–Biggie Sparta. Even though his case is a clear case of assault, the bodyguard has lamely and foolishly defended the ‘dirty’ slap landed on his face by the artiste.
The slap came about as a result of the bodyguard allowing a fan to climb the stage during Shatta Wale’s performance at the S-concert 2017 which happened over the weekend.

Well, the slapped bodyguard has finally spoken about the bizarre incident which happened to him. Surprisingly, he has defended the barbaric act of his boss–Shatta Wale in a video.
According to the bodyguard, the public will not understand but the truth of the matter is, he loves his boss to the extent that nothing can separate them. He continued that, he will continue to be loyal and truthful to Shatta Wale until his last breath.
He indicated in the video that, Shatta Wale can continue to be slapping him but that wouldn’t bring a barrier between them. “if Shatta Wale has slapped me, is it your ears?”, he added.
Biggie Sparta claims that the slap was something that was planned before the performance to attract bloggers and the media’s attention to Shatta Wale, lo and behold, their aim was achieved.
Judging from his demeanour in the video, one can only conclude that he wasn’t of himself and it could be that he was forced to appear in the video just to calm the backlashes from the public towards Shatta Wale. Below is the video.


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