Archipelago Adds His Two Cents To The Shatta Wale Slapping His Bodyguard Issue- Watch Here

The way this “self-acclaimed” dancehall king is ‘collecting’ his name at the back of notoriety beats my immediate understanding— Shatta Wale is popular for all the wrong reasons and that is unsettling.
Durig the just ended S Concert, Shatta Wale actually gave one of his bodyguards a resonating slap in the face all because he allowed a fan on the stage.
Though social media has been on this case, as typical of him, he has no regrets or whatsoever to apologise for such preposterous act he meted to someone who concerns himself with his safety.
But then again why would he when the victim in this hapless case sees nothing wrong with that. Sparta Biggie (name of the bodyguard who was slapped) says he would continue to be loyal to his master and god, Shatta.
Well, guess who is adding his voice to this brewing case— none other than the controversial and foul-mouthed Archipelago.
In a short video, he expresses how sickening the whole incident is and advises the bodyguard to rather flee. Watch the video below.

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What's ur problem kraaaa Archi??? Fathers beat their children when dey goes wrong, husband's do slaps their wives wen dey find out cheating, women do slaps their husband's very well wen dey see dem with other girls in a spot or a hotel. So wats wrong wit shatta slapping his guard for allowing a stranger climbing to a stage. I dnt think my husband did dat cux of de love of de fan ooo, he did dat cux de guard was careless. Who knows if de person was holding a sharp object??? Lets be smart… am not saying wat he did was right tho😕😕😕😕😕dey believes in their friendship and doesn't hold grudges so let them be wai! He said his ears no be ur ears😯😯..nothing can bring Shatta down tho….Ghanaians see every smart moving guy as arrogant. Whyyy??

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