I Deserve Artiste Of The Year, You are Dumb If You Think Otherwise–Fancy Gadam

The battle for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ artiste of the year 2018 hangs on the neck of the artiste who performed impressively in the year under review. Most artistes have started blowing their own horns with some claiming they deserve that accolade because they’ve been filling fans to the brim at their shows, even though that alone cannot be enough grounds to win that topmost award.
Tamale-based artiste, Fancy Gadam has been one artiste hyping and putting himself out there for that accolade. A lot of people think he does not deserve it but he keeps pushing for the artiste of the year award. He has explained and downplayed claims by people and industry insiders that he does not deserves that award all because he is a ‘local champion’.

Fancy Gadam has stated emphatically that, he has worked so hard in the year under review and that he truly deserves the accolade for the artiste of the year.
He added that, even though he has not performed outside the confines of Ghana, that does not mean he does not deserve that award and that it is only clueless people who would downplay his chances of winning the ultimate award. Fancy Gadam made these statements on Bolgatanga’s A1 Radio with Kofi Asante.
He went on to state that, the Vodafone Ghana Music Award is not called “International Music Award” and therefore there is no sense to say that he does not deserve artiste of the year all because he has not performed internationally.
Fancy boldly added that he is winning the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards artiste of the year crown come what may!


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