Ghanaians Treat Strangers Much Better Than They Treat Ghanaians Who Travel — Joseph Yammin


Former deputy Ashanti regional minister Joseph Yammin says if hospitality is the only virtue God was interested in like all Ghanaian would easily get into heaven.
Speaking on the recent slave trade observed in Libya, in which Black Africans were sold, Yammin said such an action would never occur in Ghana because we really treat strangers well.
Ghanaians are so hospitable in fact, Yammin said, it is only our other sins which keep us from the sight of God.
“Ghana is indeed a very good country. In fact, for Ghanaians, if not for the fact that God is  not going to judge mankind by his sins, I can confidently say that, every Ghanaian would go to Heaven.
“If not sins like, thievery, murder, and others, in truly, Ghanaians could easily go to heaven”. He said
“Unlike other nationals who may not even seek to see the face of a stranger in his neighbourhood, Ghanaians would humbly invite strangers to their home, treat them nicely and serve them their needs”.
Yammin added that it’s unfortunate other countries don’t treat strangers this way or what happened in Libya would never have occurred.


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