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Nana Addo

Like Karl Marx said, “religion is the opium of the masses”, thereby, some politicians have mastered using it to win votes of those who think being or acting like a Christian means you are genuine and truthful. Akufo Addo makes a perfect example of such politicians with his Homos*xuality comments on Aljazeera.
According to the Bible, Homos*xuality just like any other sin infuriates God. However, Yahweh’s reaction to that type of sin is among the number of times He used extremely violent means to kill sinners purporting that such action is one of the unbearable things in His sight. Since He didn’t cause a fire to burn Adam and Eve or let them be eaten alive by some lions for disobeying Him and telling lies like Politicians do.

The Bible then creates the perception that He extremely hate some sins like Sodomy. Why is the “Just God” selective of the punishment He incurs on sinners if all sins are equal? Whilst we ponder over that, do remember, the same Holy Book says not all sins are equal. Particularly the sins called “sin against the Holy Spirit” which the Bible terms as unforgivable sins. (Mark 3:28-30). Probably, Homos*xuality might be one of those but that skipped the writers of the Bible to emphasise it as such therefore leaving the confusion in today’s world.
Any committed Christian who worships God in sincerity and believes in the Bible should then know Homos*xuality just like any other sin should be condemned outrightly.

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If not a decoy, Akufo Addo whose vigorous campaigns were significantly started and ended with a Holy Spirit led Gospel songs and prayers should know these simple things about how the Bible doesn’t condone any bit of sin let alone Sodomy.
So when presented with such a sinful question, what should be expected of the true Christian? One whom the Bible describes as “You are the light of the world–like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14). Doesn’t this just mean a true Christian should seize the opportunity to preach the Bible and profess his faith so as to reflect with God’s discipline and words to the world? So why will Nana Addo shy away from God’s principle and rather narrate how some “things of the world” are bound to happen due to a political process?

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Clearly, Akufo Addo wasn’t Christian enough or he forgot he was a Christian at that particular moment and this is where Ebony will ask ‘is that one too a Christian?’. Maybe the likes of Nana Addo must plainly tell us that Religion holds no water in this modern world so that we can all reason accordingly than to be selective of when to be a Christian and when not to be.
However, minus Religion, the President has offered the best diplomatic response in this world to that question. His answer only strengthens democracy and his sweet taste for it. Emphasizing that if Homosexuality is what the people he governs want and they presented a strong democratic request for it then NO GOVERNMENT can say No to their want just as the U.K couldn’t resist it.

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In fact, Nana Addo’s response will go a long way in democracy and he’ll be quoted across centuries whenever people are demanding for the decriminalization of homosexuality and he deserves a standing ovation for such Political Intelligence but wherever he threw his Christian virtues before answering that question, Christians deem it a shame and he should remember any time he mounts any platform as the Christian he portrays to be.

This post was published on December 5, 2017 8:56 PM

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