I Am The Richest Musician In Ghana And Tic Tac Is The Poorest–Shatta Wale Brags!

It is obvious that the only time Shatta Wale closes his ‘Gbe Na Bu’ mouth is when he sleeps. The self-acclaimed dancehall king has really been talking a lot recently. He has been on the neck of old musicians like Tic Tac, VVIP and the likes for a mere claim that they collapsed the Ghana music industry, even though he has not provided any evidence prior to that effect.
One of the things a lot of people are uncomfortable with is his recent boasting about being richer than most of the Ghanaian musicians.

Undoubtedly, he has worked hard enough to amass such wealth, but mocking other musicians show his level of immaturity. He keeps boasting about his $1 million dollar mansion, different houses and other expensive and luxurious cars.
Shatta Wale has been stepping on the ‘balls’ of some musicians, especially Tic Tac claiming that he is broke because he wasn’t smart to invest during his days of fame and recognition.
Shatta Wale in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM disclosed that, apart from some few smart musicians whom he can’t ‘rub shoulders’ with when it comes to money, the rest comes no closer to him in terms of money.
“God has blessed me so much that, I see myself to be the richest among every other colleague that is in my state right now…let’s give respect to the highlife artistes…but in my era, in our youthful stage when we are all working. We are putting a great impact on this industry and that is what people should appreciate and not envy,” he stated.
“People have tried to do it and it didn’t work so if Shatta Wale has got a new strategy and a plan people should just come together and we can grow this thing up,” Shatta Wale added.
The ‘Kakai’ hitmaker when pushed to the wall to disclose his net worth, refused to do so but rather asked the host, Andy Dosty to “go around and count his worth”, that is his investments.


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