Video: Ayigbe Juju Man Puts On A Mysterious Show At Asantehemaa's Funeral – He Cut His Stomach And Healed Himself Live

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The Asante Kingdom is holding its final funeral rites for the Late Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II who died a year ago.
The traditional ceremony has gathered a number of people across the country to witness the once in a lifetime cultural experience.

Representing the Volta Region for its known culture and black magic prowess, Nana Togbe caused a standstill at the Manhyia Palace when he split his stomach in the eyes of the public with a knife.
The Fetish Priest there and then healed himself like nothing happened. Last year at same funeral, Ewe Juju men caused fear and panic when they made a huge object move around without any physical effort.

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The funeral has seen Dignitaries and Reps from other ethnic groups have all trooping the funeral grounds to pay homage to the Asantehene whilst they display their culture too but this show from Nana Togbe is something else.

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Watch the magical display and judge if it’s make-believe or real as it looks

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