I Will Advice Ebony On Branding When I Get The Opportunity, Her Management Is Leading Her Astray–Kojo Antwi

Ghana’s female dancehall artiste, Ebony has come under heavy criticisms from both the general public and critics in the music industry for her offensive style of fashion and unlawful body exposure during her performances.
But the 20-year-old artiste keeps defending her brand which is typical of ‘use what you have to get what you want’ brand. She has said times without number that, Ghanaians are hypocrites and that with time, they will get used to her brand.

Highlife legend, Kojo Antwi has also added some fresh ‘wounds’ to the sore by accusing the management of Ebony of leading the youngster into a wrong direction, in other words, they are leading her astray as he rightly puts it.
Even though she has been making waves with some hit songs and trending on major blogs in Ghana with her brand but Kojo Antwi still thinks that she is being led astray by her management.
In the wake and heat of her gone-wrong performance at the 4SyteTV Music Awards 2017, private legal practitioner, Gary Nimako sharing his candid view on the fashion style of Ebony, argued that it is unlawful for one to expose his/her private parts to the public and this he said can lead to her arrest.
The Maestro, Kojo Antwi, sharing his views on Ebony’s offensive fashion style, never minced words but ‘hit the nail on the head’ by saying, the direction in which she is heading towards if not checked will not prolong her relevance in the music industry. Kojo Antwi made these known on Kasapa FM’s Aben Wo Ha Show with Gatuso.
“I’m a leader in the Music industry and so I always try to choose my words carefully to encourage the young ones because I want them to come and do bigger things than what our generation has done.
“I’ve read and heard about Ebony and people have ways of marketing themselves, I think her think thank, I mean her managers are trying to give her a direction which may not help her in the long run.
“Every artiste what you know to do best must sell you as a person. In the west, sex sells, that is why almost everything sold including deodorant people will like to shape it like something because it will sell.
“If you’re an artist and you want longevity in the industry, and you’re working on a song, the kind of things you talk about, you let people know what you stand for and must add value to peoples lives.
“I’m known for composing love songs which people listen to enrich their love life and solving marital problems”, Kojo advised.
Kojo Antwi, the music man concluded that it would be much better to advice vibrant and energetic Ebony indoors rather than criticising her in public.


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