My Critics Lack The Knowledge Of Music Business — Joyce Blessing

The debate as to whether it is right or wrong for gospel musicians to perform at secular act stage is still on the lips of the majority especially those in the entertainment industry. Some believe being a musician is a profession and it is the sole decision for the musician to decide whether to do gospel or secular music.
Remember, the business aspect of the music profession shouldn’t be overlooked, being it gospel or secular musician.
Gospel musician Joyce Blessing has come under heavy criticisms for performing at events which do not depict her status as a gospel musician. The criticisms came as a result of her performing at the 2017 S-concert held at the Accra Sports Stadium. Don’t forget, she was applauded for her versatility during her stage performance at the event.
Joyce performed a host of secular music by the likes of Lil Wayne, Phyno of Nigerian and Koredo Bello. It wasn’t easy for a gospel musician like her to perform such songs but she did it perfectly at the end of the day.
She received some backlashes from the public for not performing her own songs at the event and people asked if she forgot the lyrics of her own songs.
The “Holier than Thou” people were of the view that, an anointed gospel musician like her lost credibility when she decided to perform those secular songs on such an ‘ungodly’ stage.
But Joyce Blessing responding to her critics on Hitz Fm stated that all those criticising her for performing secular songs on such a stage lack the knowledge of music business. She also added that she does not give a hoot about her critics.
She revealed that she is a versatile musician so she can choose to blend both gospel and secular music.
“Being an artiste doesn’t mean you should be one-way, you have to be dynamic and let people hear from you”, Joyce stressed.
She concluded that she wants to make a name not in the church but in Ghana as a whole and therefore nothing would stop her from merging the two.


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