I Don't Get Kumawood Movie Roles To Play Because Of My Fante Dialect Not Politics — Clement Bonney aka Mr Beautiful

Politics as a theory have not been fully understood by Africans especially Ghanaians in the sense that people are just hated, marginalised and discriminated due to their political affiliations even though freedom of association is enshrined in the constitution.
In the wake and heat of the 2016 election campaigns in Ghana, some celebrities publicly declared their support for some political parties. One of such celebrities is popular Kumawood actor Clement Bonney well known as Mr Beautiful. He openly declared and campaigned for John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress, NDC.

Unfortunately, the NDC lost the elections rendering him jobless in the movie industry due to the fact that he openly campaigned for John Mahama of the NDC. However, he has debunked such claims and given an account of why he has been jobless in the movie industry for two years.
Even though he still yearns to be active in the movie industry, directors and producers of Kumawood have rejected him because of his political stance. It is on record that the Ashanti Region is the stronghold of the New Patriotic Party, NPP and for Mr Beautiful to openly support the NDC has made him less relevant in Kumasi, where Kumawood reign.
But Mr Beautiful in an interview on the ‘Delay Show’ revealed the reason why he has not being featured in Kumawood for good two years. He indicated that producers of Kumawood insisted he speaks the Asante language, Twi of which he said no because he is a Fante and would stick to the Fante dialect.
Mr Beautiful also added that the producer in-charge of writing subtitles for Kumawood movies also indicated that he was unable to understand the Fante dialect. In short, he had no option than to part ways with Kumawood movies.
He concluded that Kumawood is dead and the producers are to be blamed.
“Where are the local movies now? The cameramen can advise producers and they won’t listen. The excitement in the movie industry is dead. Some of them are just tomato sellers and they migrated into the movie industry…” he said.
Mr Beautiful when pushed to the wall as to whether he had retired from acting, he said: “My happiness is the camera. I am learning wisdom. I don’t want to just act. I don’t want to continue as just an actor. I have lots of scripts. I want to do lots of things before I come out. I have not retired from shooting movies! How can I retire?” he questioned.


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