People Judge Me Because I Kiss In Movies — Joselyn Dumas

It’s a necessary part of the trade that actors and actresses have to get intimate with their colleagues in certain settings, depending on how the script to the movie they are in is written.
Actress Joselyn Dumas has revealed that even though such scenes are only acted, some people believe them to be real and judge her as a promiscuous lady just because she kisses in movies.
Dumas was speaking with Akosua Hanson and Lady Prempeh on the latest episode of her talk show ‘Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas’. The trio discussed spirituality and religion in Ghana.
With the panel speaking about the need not to judge others simply based on outward appearances, Dumas spoke out that it is something she has to deal with almost all the time.
“…I get judged because of my movies. I kiss other men in my movies…but nobody knows my relationship with God, nobody knows my heart. So don’t look at me and think that because I did a movie recently and I kissed somebody it means that I’m promiscuous, I’m acting.” she said.
The ‘Potato Potahto’ star further argued that even if she’s promiscuous, isn’t the church supposed to welcome such people and change their behaviours instead of judging them?
“And even if I’m promiscuous, that’s why the church is there,” she continued. “It’s there to correct people like me.”
“People think they know you based on what they see out there without knowing you spiritually.”
With two opposing panellists, the discussion turned to the issue of gay rights in Africa. Broadcaster and outspoken feminist Akosua Hanson also chimed in, noting that religious institutions have neglected their charge to show love to everyone and instead promote hatred of gay people.
“…You have religious institutions going wrong with the laws and the code of ethics they set sometimes. Homophobia in Africa and the world is largely a Christian and Muslim.. a religious movement.” she said.
“People’s interpretation of the bible, people’s interpretation of the Quran, and what they feel should be right or wrong. They justify it (homophobia) in spirituality to say people who are LGBT should not be included, [that] they are possessed by demons.”
Gospel singer and unabashed Christian Lady Prempeh, contributing to the conversation, added that whilst she thinks being gay is morally wrong, it does not mean gay people should be hated or shunned in churches.
“I believe God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. However, if I had a gay person in my church I would not sack that gay and I would not judge that gay.” she said.
‘Keeping it Real’ airs every Saturday at 8:30pm on GhOne TV.


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