When I Saw Shatta Wale's Mother I Thought It Was His Father Wearing A Wig — Prodigal Of VVIP

Shatta Wale has this unsavoury habit of insulting anyone he disagrees with, usually with very personal attacks – yet he always gets pissed off when someone attacks him in return.
That said, mothers should be sacred and should be kept out of such issues – although Prodigal claims Shatta insulted his mum too.
Shatta Wale as we reported attacked some Ghanaian music legends at the S concert, including VVIP and Obrafour. Since then, Prodigal has been engaged in a war of words with him.
During one of his interviews hitting back at Shatta Wale, Prodigal reportedly said that Shatta Wale’s mum looks like a man.

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Speaking on Hitz Fm, Prodigal said he would have responded to Shatta insulting his mum but he has decided against it.
”Andy you know, Shatta Wale finds it easy to insult people’s mothers and he even insulted my mum on that stage. I never understood why he does that until I saw him post a picture of his mother for the first time on social. In fact, I thought that was his father Shatta Capo wearing a wig.” he said.
“I’ve hence decided to forgive and not to insult the woman any further. I would have perhaps retaliated if she was a bit beautiful.”
Shatta Wale recently shared a photo of his mum online after he bought her a car for her birthday.


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