The Witches And Wizards In Ebony's Family Are Not Villagers, They Are Backing Her — Countryman Songo aka Fireman

Patrick Osei Agyemang also known as Countryman Song can now be called as the one man defender of female dancehall artiste, Ebony. The eristic sports journalist lately has been on the neck of the critics of songstress Ebony.
Not too long ago, he jumped onto her defence and lambasted his colleague journalist Manasseh Azure and Bice Osei Kuffour also known as Obour for criticising the offensive fashion style of Ebony.
In the latest development, he has disclosed that the young and energetic dancehall artiste has the backing of the witches and wizards in her family hence her sudden rise and success in her career.
The Fireman made this statement after several backlashes from the public and critics on the provocative style of fashion and unlawful exposure during her stage performances.
Countryman Songo who was furious and attacking individuals who have in the past criticized Ebony said “What kind of nonsense is that. What have you done for music? You have squandered money of musicians for a very long time what have you done for music. Listen to Ebony’s voice, she is a twenty years old girl and when she sings your heart will beat but you people want to discourage her so that her career will end.
“Go and fight the witches in your houses you witches and wizards. The witches and Wizards in Ebony’s family are supporting her that is why she is doing well and you people are jealous of her shine,” he fumed!
Amidst all these backlashes, Ebony doesn’t seem to be bothered much about her critics and keeps doing what her fans and a few Ghanaians love. She recently did what she is best known for when she mounted the stage at the 2017 Joy FM Old Skuulz Reunion.
Ebony has on several platforms stated that Ghanaians are too hypocritical and that they will get used to her brand very soon.


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