Best Farmer 'Spits' On The Face Of District Chief Executive (DCE)

It is obvious that farmers in Ghana are not regarded and you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you. Government claim farmers are the backbone of the economy and yet when it comes to honouring them, they are giving smaller portions of what they deserve.
Drama has unfolded at the Prestea-Huni Valley district in the Western Region where the best farmer has shockingly returned the awards presented to him as the best farmer to the Agric Department of the District Assembly.

John Enimil, 35 years claims that the awards presented to him are a disrespect to him as a farmer who has toiled all these years to put food on the tables of Ghanaians. He added that this is a clear indication of the government’s disregard to farmers across the nation.
Furious Enimil stated that the awards giving to him for his toil as the best farmer is a disgrace to the Prestea-Huni Valley district.
“The District has embarrassed me and there is no way I will take the items again, they should take their items. What pains me a lot is a common certificate they didn’t give me some and these people think I’m not a person, they take we the farmers for granted”, he fumed!

Meanwhile the 2017 national best farmer, Kweku Agyemang smiles home with an unprecedented amount of $100,000 presented to him by the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.
The National Best Farmer Award is used to recognise the hard work of farmers for their immense contributions to agricultural and the economic as a whole.
Elated 2017 National Best Farmer, Kweku Agyemang said he is yet to determine what he would use his cash prize for.
“For now, I cannot tell what I am going to use this money for. I will think about it and maybe use it to benefit Ghanaians”, he said happily.


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