OAP Freeze — Being A Pastor In Nigeria Pays So People Are Leaving Jobs Like Medicine To Become Men Of God


Nigerian on-air personality Ifedayo Olarinde, more popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has once again come out against some men of God in the country.
Freeze claims many people are leaving their real jobs to become ‘men of God’ because being a pastor in Nigeria pays very well.
The broadcast journalist has been fighting many pastors in the country since he said Nigerians are being stolen from by these fake pastors who are only interested in their money.
In a new video on social media, he responds to criticism from these pastors and once again, attacks them for stealing from Nigerians and for being fake.
Check out his words below…
“There are many fake pastors because of monetization; that pastor who cursed me is an architect, the one at BankyW’s wedding is a doctor.
“Many of them are leaving profitable field because ministry is a more profitable field.
“Monetization has made fake pastors come into two fold, it has made real pastors preach false messages.
“Speaking in tongues in Nigeria Pentecostal churches is fake but speaking in tongues is not fake.
“When speaking in tongues, you should speak in languages not in tongues that no one can understand.
1Cor 14:26-28; someone must interpret tongues…There is no speaking in tongues without an interpreter
“Interpretation of tongues is missing in today’s pentecostal churches , if anyone speaks in tongues one or two should speak in tongues one at a time not multitude.That is falsehood
1Cor 14:23 is what pastors used to confuse you, they tell you tongues is an unknown language which carnal mind cannot understand.
Everyone speaking in tongues in the church is false because it is a gift that everyone does not receive.
“I’m a preacher that speaks from history and bible not sentiments like others; that’s why I can’t say God told me to pay titheS like they say.
“I would tell you what God kept in bible not what God told me.”


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