"Bleaching Promoter And 2016 Parliamentary Candidate" Diamond Appiah Is Back With Her 'Nkurasesem'-Another Social Media Banter

Diamond Appiah

Diamond Appiah is back with her sickening uncultured way of life— hitting at people with all the nauseating words without a care or whatever to whoever chances upon her post.
One thing I have always been glad about is Ghanaians not voting her to represent them in parliament. For a one-time parliamentary candidate, we will definitely not be asking for too much of any candidate if we ask that they behave in a more dignified manner but Diamond is not one to see reason even when it is clearly mapped out for her.
Of all the people who throw shade at each other and backbite and all the never-ending social media petty banters, Diamond has always been a major in this field. She comes off like she has nothing to do with her life and barks back at any other dog that barks at her.
From a conversation we are following on Instagram, Diamond is at it with uber popular Insta page known “those_called_celebs]” on Instagram.
We cannot place our hands on what incited the banter in the first place but it looks like the page uploaded multiple old pictures of Diamond and gave each painful captions— and that was all it took to provoke Diamond.
Perhaps there is more to this (and we will fill you in) as and when we have details, for now, follow this.

So she hits back with this one below:


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