Manifest Drops A New Diss Song–'AzumahNelsonFlow' Directed At Sarkodie And SarkNatives Are 'Angry'

Manifest and Sarkodie for some time have been battling as to who is the best rapper when it comes to Hiplife music. Manifest calls himself God Mc while Sarkodie also thinks he is the king of rap so calls himself King Sark.
Some Ghanaians think Sarkodie is King due to the numerous prestigious awards in his name while others too think Manifest raps well and also with deeper punchlines than Sarkodie.

Manifest’s new song, ‘AzumahNelsonFlow’ is long overdue but after hyping the song for some time, has finally dropped the tune and some punchlines in the song are undoubtedly directed to Sarkodie according to of fans of Sarkodie.
Manifest undoubtedly has proven in this song that he is the best lyricists in Ghana even though fans of Sarkodie think otherwise.
This particular punchline in the song, “Ebi Awards We Go Chop?” seems not to go too well with SarkNatives and they think it is a direct jab to Sarkodie. Remember, Sarkodie has a lot of prestigious awards than Manifest so for him to drop such a punchline obviously indicates that, this is truly a diss song directed at King Sark!
Another heavy punchline also goes like;
“My songs kick a$$ I don’t have to kiss a$$
Garbage is garbage it’s not relative chale talk true
Me I’m such a savage like I’m Tiwa’s relative, not you”
And this very punchline has ignited the anger of SarkNatives!
“It’s the return of the god so press record
I speak my piece I’m a beast no peace accord”
Well listen to the song and pass your comment;


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