Men With Bald Head Puts Me Off — Gospel Musician Gifty Osei

Gifty Osei

We all have that one thing that puts us off from the opposite sex. One would ask if it is discrimination, marginalization or hatred? Whatever it is, everyone has his or her kind of woman or man.
Well, gospel musician Gifty Osei has revealed her kind of man and if you are a man with a bald head having plans of dating or marrying Gifty, then you have to rescind your decision and look elsewhere.

The gospel musician has revealed in an interview with Kojo Preko Dankwa on Kasapa 102.5 FM’s showbiz show dubbed K-Entertainment that she has no attraction for bald men and even men with no hair on their head put her off totally.
It all happened on the show when Gifty Osei sarcastically told an Onua FM presenter, Chris, who was also present on the show that her kind of man isn’t the man with bald head or man with no hair on the head.
She was then asked why she didn’t marry Chris and this is what Empress one said, “I’m sad that when Chris saw me, I was already married…. I know Chris is joking and he knows I don’t like men with a bald head.”
According to Empress one, God has been good to her since she penetrated the music industry 10 years ago and to that effect, she is promoting her latest album ‘Ebenezer’ and also celebrating her 10th anniversary as well.


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