(Video) Facebook Girl Receive Beatings From A Facebook 'Slay Queen' For Attempting To Snatch Her Boyfriend

Obviously, most Ghanaian young girls have nothing to do with their lives than to just stay on social media all day hunting for men. Are these the young girls we keep referring to as future leaders? If it is so, then the country Ghana is doomed in the next 10-20 years.
Social media is now big with loads of flooding opportunities and yet these dumb so-called social media slay queens won’t take positive advantage of it to build their lives.

A video is making waves on the internet showing how a young girl, Akosua Sika, was beaten, assaulted and abused by other young girls claiming she attempted snatching one of their friend–facebook slay queen’s boyfriend.
According to Akosua Sika, she accepted a facebook friend request from one guy called Asaawa Gh, she accepted it even though she had no idea of who he is. They started chatting and exchanged contacts immediately because Asaawa Gh told her a lot of disgusting stuff about his girlfriend–meaning he made Akosua believe that his relationship with his girlfriend was ending very soon.
As usual of the Facebook girls, Akosua made a monetary demand from Asaawa Gh since he had expressed some interest in her. Since they had not seen each other before, Asaawa Gh capitalized on the opportunity and invite Akosua over to his residence for the money.
Akosua at the trumpet sound of money wasn’t smart enough but took the risk to visit Asaawa Gh, a total stranger. Fast-forward, Akosua visited him and was welcomed warmly but a few minutes later, she saw a gang of girls being led by Sharon Gh, the supposed girlfriend of Asaawa Gh entering the room.
After few questioning, Sharon Gh and her friends locked the door and started beating her mercilessly, from slapping to heckling and other forms of abuse. Sharon Gh then took Akosua’s phone and deleted the chats between her and Asaawa Gh.

It is believed that Asaawa Gh went to this length just to prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t cheating on her.
The matter has been reported to the police for further investigations as it is a case of abuse, assault and violation of human rights.
Video below…


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