1,500 Workers Of Gold Fields Ghana Limited Laid Off

If you’ve ever worked in the mining industry then this wouldn’t be a shock to you because it does happen often in the mining sector. It is really a cause to worry if you have a family member or a friend who works with Gold Fields Ghana Limited.
Information making waves indicates that Gold Fields Ghana Limited will in no time lay off over 1,500 mining workers. The lay off is as a result of new policy being implemented by the mining giants.
Workers affected have voiced out their frustrations for this decision by the management of the firm.

A larger number of workers have their appointments terminated completely while a smaller percentage of workers would be re-assigned on a contract basis and reports indicate that termination letters would be ready by tomorrow 13th December 2017.
Explaining the sudden laying off of workers, the Vice President in charge of communications, Mr David Johnson indicated that it was necessary for the company’s future “as we have changed our business module from owner mining to contract mining.”
“We have come to a point in our operations where we need to make strategic decisions which are the preferred business module to work with”, he stated in an interview on Starr FM.
“Over 80% of the workforce will be absolved by the contractor… as per the collective bargaining agreement, there is a package that has already been decided and signed off. And it has already been arranged,” Johnson concluded.


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