Highlife Musician K.K Ofosu Sacks His Manager, Mel Kwasi Davis For 'Chopping' His Money

One thing that has been consistent over the years in the Ghana Entertainment industry is the sacking of artiste managers by the artistes. And the story has always been about money. It is either the artiste refused to pay what’s due to the manager or the manager ‘chopping’ money belonging to the artiste.
Now Ghanaian highlife musician, K.K Fosu has sacked his manager, Mel Kwasi Davis of Airtime Records according to ZionFelix.
Kaakyire Kwame Fosu as officially known landed an accusation on the doorstep of his former manager that he spent his hard earn money without his knowledge. Also, he added that Mel was not up to the task assigned to him so he had no option than to fire him.

K.K Ofosu added that he sometimes had to take up the managerial role all because Mel was not producing good results for him.
“I’ve sacked my manager. A manager who cannot work for the artiste and has made the musician turn into a manager, then you are not good to be managing an artiste. If you hear anywhere that I’ve sacked my manager then it is true.
“I didn’t want the information to come out this way but I’m speaking because of certain things I’ve been hearing. My wife sent me a message when I was in U.S.A that MTN has used my song for caller tune for about two years. I sent the message to my manager to trace it because we can even sue the telco but Mel didn’t say anything about it. Anytime I asked him about it, he always didn’t say anything about it not knowing he had secretly sent the song to the company.
“I remember I asked him some time ago to send the song to companies for caller tune and introduced Obed to him, he never did that but later gave the songs to him for his personal gains. Anytime a cash came out of my song and that of Dada Hafco, he would go for it and would not tell us” angry K.K Fosu disclosed to ZionFelix.
The sacked manager, Mel Kwasi Davis, responding to the accusation in an interview with Zionfelix confirmed that indeed he has been fired by K.K Ofosu for months now. Explaining the reason for his sack, he said,“I’ve been busy and he also has a couple of works so the timing was not good for us”.
Mel, explaining his side of the accusation about him spending K.K Ofosu’s caller tunez money said,
“Zion you’ve known me for a while and I’m sure you have not heard anywhere that I’ve spent anyone’s money. At a point, I was working with K.K Fosu, Dada Hafco and Perpetual Didier. I registered songs of all my artists at Spice Africa under my management company, Airtime Records. You can call Dada Hafco and ask him because even as at now, his caller tune money comes to my company and I deliver it to him. I registered all those songs because they were artists I was managing at that time so if you go to the company to inquire about it because they are your songs, they will not show you your data because the songs were registered under my management. It is absurd for K.K Fosu to accuse me of spending his money because they didn’t give him the money when he did not register the song.”


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