Homos*xuality Won't Destroy Ghana Like Corruption Has Done — Wanlov Kuborlor And M3nsa aka Fokn Bois

The controversy surrounding the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana is still hanging in the winds yet to be dropped. Remember President Nana Akufo Addo has hinted in an interview on Al-Jazeera that legalization of homosexuality is bound to happen in Ghana, even though most Ghanaians still do not believe its possibity.
There have been diverse opinions concerning the topic of homosexuality in Ghana and a lot of people have shared their opinions including celebrities.
Now music duo, FOKN Bois consisting of M3nsa and Wanlov Kuborlor have also shared their opinions saying that people should focus their energies on things affecting the country like corruption and not homosexuality.
From their views, Ghanaians are entangled in a lot of problems which needs to be addressed, the problem of Ghana is not about two adults having consensual s*x.
In an interview on “After Hours Show” with Mikki Osei Berko, aka Dada Boat, Wanlov Kuborlor stressed that stealing, corruption, bad roads, poor education, meagre salary for doctors and workers and other numerous issues are problems affecting Ghanaians directly.
“Because we have come to a point that we feel powerless about changing these things, about correcting those people in power and having them answer about the bad things they are doing, we take it out on one group of people which have been deemed illegal” Wanlov said.
Wanlov continued that there are bigger problems confronting the country but people have refused to talk about it and rather focus their energies on a smaller group of people.
M3nsa also added that the president’s opinion on the matter was just a political statement every political leader of Ghana could have made.
“I believe in equal human right and I don’t care too much about somebody’s s*xuality which does not affect my wellbeing or that of my family” he stated.
“If we are going to be critical then we have to criticize all the young people being abused s*xually by heterosexual men. All the rape and abuse that is happening in our schools, hospitals and churches” he concluded.


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