Nigerian Pastor Threatens Life Of Radio Presenter For Exposing Pastors 'Chopping' Their Church Members Money

Pastor Nicholas Uagbo

All over Africa and beyond, there are millions of pastors who live lives of extravagance with numerous mansions, cars and sometimes even private jets to their names – all whilst majority of their congregation continues to wallow in poverty.
These pastors take the little that these church members have in the form of offering, tithe, pastors appreciation, ‘kofi ne Ama’, and any other way they can think of squeezing just a little more from their congregants.
In Nigeria, one person disgusted by the practices and who has been speaking out against them in recent times in Daddy Freeze.
The radio personality, real name Ifedayo Olarinde, has been in a battle with Nigerian pastors the past few weeks, shaming them for living like rap stars whilst their congregants continue to starve.
That has made a lot of pastors unhappy with him, and one has even gone to the extent of threatening his life.
Pastor Nicholas Uagbor, pastor of the Miracle Centre International, told Freeze that he would die before next year.
On one of Freeze’s posts criticizing pastors, the ‘man of God’ came to comment — “The way this guy is going, he may not see the new year.”
Daddy Freeze did not take the threat lying down. He took a screenshot of it and posted it on his timeline, adding:
“This alleged man of god, @pastor_nicolas_uagbor made this comment clearly for all to see, under @instablog9ja’s cover of my response to pastor Adeboye’s son, from his account.
“His exact words are “the way this guy is going, he may not see next year.”
“I hereby reject his curse and want to use this medium to appeal to all relevant authorities, to be aware that If anything should happen to me, or any member of my family, this man could be the likely source. ~FRZ”


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