Dead Body Exhumed From Grave For Owing Ghc 20

Ghana is full of weird and ‘crazy’ people, how on earth would any sane human being try to exhume a dead body just because of Ghc 20?
Residents of Akyem Old Tafo in the East Akim Municipality of the Eastern Region did not wake up to a very pleasant news after a young man in his mid-20s exhumed a dead body with the reason that the deceased family failed to pay Ghc 20 for his service rendered as a pallbearer at the burial of the deceased.

The deceased, Kwame Korankye Nkansah, was buried at the Old Tafo cemetery about 14 days ago, unfortunately, Atta a.k.a Abodam, who was eager to do the worse to ignite the family of the deceased to pay his money, went ahead to exhume the dead body from the grave. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and subjected to beatings by some youth in the locality.

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Asked why he was exhuming the dead body, he explained that all efforts to get the family pay his Ghc20 debt have fallen on deaf ears and the only option left for him to get the family pay their debt is to exhume the dead body of Kwame Korankye Nkansah.
The youth, not convinced with his lame excuse, subjected him to another round of severe beatings, unable to stand the beatings, claimed that he was contracted by some money ritualists simply known as “sakawa” boys to provide human body parts for their routine ritual activities.
Even though he was unable to exhume the full dead body but was able to dig a portion of the grave exposing the rotten body of the deceased person.

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Even though residents believe that the suspect could be mentally unstable but that has not stopped the police to conduct serious investigations to ascertain the truth in the whole case.
Shockingly, the bereaved family have denied the suspect’s claim that they owe him money and stated that he did not play any role not to talk of being a pallbearer during the funeral of the deceased.


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