Maame Serwaa Killed Her Mum For Rituals (Video)

Kumawoood actress Clara Benson, known professionally as Maame Serwaa, recently lost her mum tragically after she lost a battle to a short illness.
The news devastated the actress and her siblings as their dependable mum, Rose Benson, joined her ancestors.
Yet despite all this grief they have to deal with, it is being piled on by a so-called prophetess who claims she knows exactly what happened to Maame Serwaa’s mum.
In a video uploaded to social media, Osofo Maame Donkor claims the young actress is a member of a secret society and she used her mum in exchange for more fame and more money.

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“You said, you want to buy yourselves a car, so you killed your mother just like how your other colleagues in Kumawood have been doing.” the self acclaimed prophet declared.
Maame Serwaa is hardly the first Kumawood star to be accused of being an illuminati member, but claims that an actor/actress caused the death of their own mother is virtually unprecedented.
This is what happens when superstition is the natural order of things — everyone can say whatever comes out of their rectum and there’s no need for proof.
Watch video below…


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