CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: The Ignorance and Idiocy of Film-Maker Leila Djansi–As She Claims the CHRAJ Boss is in Charge of Elections in Ghana And She's A Woman Who Will Be FIRED By the NPP Simply Because She Was Appointed By the NDC…

Leila Djansi

While in Ghana, I held several meetings with different people, ranging from politicians to businessmen via entertainers. And one thing kept coming up; most people commended my tenacity and ability to call every bullshit its real name and nothing else.
It was interesting to note that most of these level-headed people I met admired my brutal honesty, my ideologically incorruptible nature and sometimes my robust take on issues most people run away from.
However, a salient point kept repeating itself; some of these people who were writers themselves said they wish they could be bold to face what’s true and call a spade a spade but it was impossible.
The argument was that; I enjoy the luxury of not staying in Ghana–which means, I am able to look at people in their faces from afar and tell them the honest truth they detest to hear, irrespective of who they are and sometimes the short or long-term consequences.
I was told many times that, in Ghana, people publicly hate the truth, especially when it’s a disgusting truth–the kind I take interest in peddling.
A lot of journalists and bloggers in Ghana are nothing more than PR machines; give them some little coins and they would help hide your dirt or defend your nonsense.
I somewhat understand their positions; the struggle is real in Ghana–but that does not in anyway justify the actions of many of our people who are meant to protect the truth and shout them out, for the public good.
I consistently tell admirers that; “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” – Lord Northcliffe
Over the years; I have called Leila Djansi an ignorant sociopathic idiot; she parades herself on social media as intelligent but does not mostly know what she is talking about. But because she has, perhaps, the largest followers of semi-educated Ghanaians, she is hailed on issues when she does not always make sense.
A recent Facebook comment by her visibly shows her ignorance at a forefront of a conversation–and I do not even have the time to consider her gross hostility to disagreements and corrections.
The problem is; despite Leila’s ignorance, of which she is just a nut in a bigger sack, the Ghanaian media, either out of empathy for her persistent employment of pathos or the usual want to be in her good books and get some dollars, continue to paint a dishonest picture of her and any associated intellect.
This is done for many other people in Ghana too; the media in Ghana seems to be the third arm of the triangle of dishonesty, deceit, and corruption–to the detriment of those who rely on them.
If you follow such minds on social media; what would you ever learn?
And being a woman is not a license to be ignorant, or does not immune you from being called who you truly are!


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