Illiterate Prophet Kumchacha Claims He Spiritually Buried Patapaa's 'One Corner' Which Is Why It's Not Trending Anymore


Has this illiterate maniac ever heard of time? It’s the one thing that brings all things to an end.
At any point in time a song hits which seems like it would never go down but the great equalizer known as time takes them all down one by one.
The same thing happened to Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’, it just got old and people moved on, yet Prophet Kumchacha is claiming he’s the one behind the song losing popularity.
In a recent interview, the founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries said he took some CDs of the song and performed a spiritual ritual which led to its popularity falling.

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“I intentionally did some spiritual work on that song. I bought four of the CDs, prayed over them and anointed it with oil and then I dug a hole and buried them. I buried the song. Do you hear the song being played again?” he bragged.
Kumchacha has railed against the song ever since it was released, claiming it is a demonic work and threatening to send it to court for an injunction to be placed on it.


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