Pastors/Politicians Who Own Private Jets Are 'Thieves And Bastards'

Some public figures in Nigeria are waging war against the pastors in that country who are filthy rich whilst their followers remain mired in poverty – and personally I find it glorious. More people in Africa need to wake up and push back against that bullshyt.
Tellingly, many of the pastors criticized by these public figures cannot handle the truth about them being pointed out — one of them threatened Daddy Freeze with death because he spoke the truth.
Anyway, Nigerian singer and on air talent Charly Boy is the latest to go on the attack against these parasitic preachers. He has even gone one step further and added the country’s rich politicians to the list.
In a post on social media, Charly Boy wonders how the entire country of Nigeria itself doesn’t have a national airline yet many rich pastors/politicians own countless private jets.

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“What a shame, Nigeria don’t even have a national air carrier yet there are over 100 private jets owned by con men/pastors called men of God and thieves called Leaders/politicians.” he wrote on twitter.
“May the revolution consume the bastards.”
Nigeria, like Ghana, used to have a national airline known as the West African Airways Corporation (WAAC). However, the company, like Ghana Airways, went defunct several years ago.


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