Scarcity In The Midst Of Plenty — Drivers Of MPs Complain They Are Paid Only Ghc 300 But Are Overused Even On Holidays Plus They Have No Social Security

Speaker of Parliament, Mike Ocquaye.

It’s a common occurrence in Ghana, which is that bosses often treat the people on whom their businesses rest like shyt, because they want to keep you down enough that you need them more than they need you.
Any job that pays Ghc 300 in this current economic conditions is not a job worth holding onto, but its even worse when you work for someone you can see is making 100 times more which is taken out of your taxes to pay him/her.
Drivers for Members of Parliament are crying out over their poor salaries and stressful working conditions.
According to the spokesperson for the Members of Parliament Drivers’, Addison Obodai, they are paid peanuts to do their jobs, ranging from between Ghc 300 – Ghc 500 monthly. They are also overused by the MPs who don’t even give them their days off.
“In this day Ghana, collecting a salary of GHc 300 to GHc 500 a month is very bad. What are we going to do with that? That is what we are saying. We are not fighting with them. We are begging them that they should increase the salaries for us,” he said.
He added that MPs force them to work overtime and even on holidays without any compensation.
Worse still, their social security is not paid on their behalf as every employer must do.
He therefore pleaded with MPs to make sure they tackle this problems facing the drivers who make their jobs possible by taking them around.


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