KUMACA Deaths — Mum Who Lost Her Child Cries Out: “I Will Never Recommend That School To Anyone As Long As I Live On This Earth

It is extremely painful to lose a child, and you don’t need to have it happen to you before you can tell.
As a parent, nothing could be worse than living to see your child’s corpse enter the ground before you.
For the parents who lost their children at Kumasi Academy in the recent epidemic that struck the school, their pain must be unmeasurable.
One of those parents, speaking to the media, has expressed regret for sending her child to that school. She said as long as she lives, she’ll never let anyone she knows send their ward to the school, not even her worst enemy.
“I will never recommend that school to anyone as long as I live on this earth, never! Not even my worst enemy will I ask him or her to send the ward to the school because they are not being truthful to parents. I continue to regret as to why I allowed my ward attend the school in the first place”, she said.
She continued to allege that she doesn’t believe the students died of swine flu as claimed, instead saying there is another reason behind their deaths.
“When I visited the school I was told the teachers are calling saints. The teachers and some students are aware of what is happening. There was an instance one of students was found lying inside the trunk of  another but all they did was expel that student and failed to investigate the matter thoroughly. It was after that the school started recording the deaths. The teachers and some students are using souls of the freshers to enrich themselves.
“I don’t believe my ward died of H1N1. If a teacher was also affected then I am forced to believe that that killed all of them including my ward. I will not agree to the claim today or tomorrow because the teachers are on campus with the students one would have at least also suffered from the disease if it was the case. I personally told the doctor that the claim my son died of H1N1 is not true. The shocking thing is that she died exactly five months after her father died”, she cried out on Abusua Fm.


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