(Photos & Video) Female Die-Hard Fan Of Wizkid Tattoos A Very Big Photo Of Him At Her Back

Fans are worshipping and a$$-kissing their favorite celebrities all over the world and in Africa, it is Nigeria and Ghana. A few days ago we published a story of a Shatta Wale fan who tattooed Shatta’s name on her chest, hands and shoulders just to show her loyalty to the Shatta Movement.
A female Nigerian die-hard fan of Wizkid has also done the unthinkable, the unthinkable which even no family member of Wizkid will dream of doing. You can have your qualms about it but we live in a society where everyone decides what to do with their lives, whether bad or good–you dare not talk about it.

The fan, Diana, says it’s a permanent tattoo and she has no regrets for having such a tattoo of her favorite Nigerian artist on her body, she indicated that, it’s to show her loyalty to Wizkid.

Diana, when asked about how how she was going to explain to her future husband about her tattoo, shockingly revealed that, she is so much in love with Wizkid to the extent that she has no future plans of even getting married.

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She even added that her father saw it and had no problem with it, same as her friends too. Below are some reactions of people when they saw the tattoo;
shieladadiv__ Lol the wiskid on her back sha b looking like d broke wizkid.u i hope wizkid will call her n say take this one million.thank u for tattooing me on ur back
sholah__ It’s the thought that counts,whether it looks good or bad.This is her own painful way of showing how much she loves WizKid…..

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iamxcape__ This is what happens when your tattoo has been your crush for so many years and you just show up one day and tell him to draw wizkid on your back !!!? The artiste be like .. No worry nah ?

Wizkid after hearing the news took to his twitter handle to ask of the whereabout of this die-hard and loyal fan.

Watch video.


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