I Have 'Mad' Love For People Who Sm*ke "Weed" Especially Shatta Wale — Promzy

Promzy, formerly of VIP has been in the news lately for obviously the wrong reasons, Promzy who is outdated musically is still finding ways and means to bounce back and stay relevant.
Promzy is at it again with another controversy about smoking, he has said that he is obsessed and has mad love for people who smoke “weed” and drink alcohol excessively, “that is what real men do”, he added.

According to Promzy, it is only real people who smoke “weed” and get high and also those who drink excessively are the real men in life.
He said this during his confession of the love he has for dancehall King Shatta Wale, it’ often said that “birds of the same feathers flock together” and it’s true judging from what he has said. Shatta Wale may also be a “weed” smoker reading from Promzy’s confession and mad love for smokers.

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Promzy added that his earlier screech about crippling Shatta Wale was just to send a message to people that they should honour and respect their origin because that’s where made them who they are now.
He concluded by calling out Reggie Rockstone for a rap battle and added that, that is the only means he can use to join VIP again.


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