DJ Completely Trashes Ghanaian Musicians For Being Lazy And Unimaginative Yet Still Expecting Their Songs To Be Played On Air

Pope Skinny

A Ghanaian DJ has destroyed local musicians for not producing good songs yet complaining that DJs do not play their music.
Much like local filmakers who do not produce good movies yet complain that stations do not show their content, some local musicians also have the same complaints against DJs.
Pope Skinny recently complained about DJs playing Nigerian music all the time to the neglect of Ghanaian songs, and Despite Media Group employee DJ Toxic has responded to him.
In a rant against Ghanaian musicians, Toxic called on them to increase the level of their craft rather than blaming DJs.
“It’s about time Ghanaian musician’s sit-up and understand their chosen profession, know what it entails than putting blames on DJs. You do shabby and lazy work in the studio and blame DJ’s for playing foreign materials, beside they don’t even know music is a full time job, they don’t even research and as a result produce one way rhythms and poor content” he said.
“The most annoying thing is, they don’t even have time for their own works, yet expect DJ’s to keep wake for them….. Why this? If a Ghanaian artist imitates a Nigerian rhythm, I will play the Nigerian song because that is the original rhythm. It’s so annoying when they do their crap they call bangers, get your contact and WhatsApp their songs to you expecting you to download with your own credit and play.
“I was shocked when I heard Pope Skinny passing an immature and infantile comment that Ghanaian DJs play Nigerian music than our local content, he’s someone I’ve known way back and he’s still doing the Fun World rap, they must sit up and stop the blame games because good music needs just little push.” he added.


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