The 'Future Leaders' Of Ghana Who Gang Raped A Helpless Teen Revealed As Two SHS 1 Students And One JHS 3 Student

The three suspects arrested for being part of the Banatama gang rapists have been revealed to be JHS and SHS students.
According to the Ashanti Regional Police Command, two of the suspects are in their first year of senior high whilst the other is in his final year of junior high.
The three were picked up for being part of the gang rape video which went viral on social media Monday, showing at least four boys taking turns raping a young lady whilst another forcefully holds her down.
Police believe the perpetrators are seven in number and are on the hunt for the four accomplices in the video.
The identities of the arrested suspects are being kept under wraps for now.

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“The command has arrested 3 suspects. The arrest of these suspects was made on Saturday, 16th December 2017 at their various homes at Bantama. The three suspects and their 4 accomplices who are currently at large are all students….Two of the 3 arrested are in SHS 1 and the other in JHS 3,” ASP Juliana Obeng, PRO of the regional police command, told the media at a press briefing Monday.
The police revelation that the arrests were made on Saturday indicate they knew about the incident before the video went viral on social media.


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