READ FULL CONTRACT: Have A Look At A Full Miss Ghana Exploitative Contract–You Would Be Shocked By the Terms

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In the last few hours, Inna Patty, owner of Exclusive Events Ghana, the company which holds the current Miss Ghana franchise has come under scrutiny and attack–after 4 former Beauty Queens came out to share experiences, revolving around being pimped, exploited, embezzlement of funds, verbal and physical abuse.
In a total of about 3 hours’ conversation with GhanaCelebrities.Com, Miss Ghana 2010-Stephanie Karikari, Miss Ghana 2015-Antoinette Delali Kemavor, Miss Ghana 2013-Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi and 2013 Miss Ghana first runner-up-Margaret Kuma-Mintah have all mustered the courage to speak about the different layers of exploitation, verbal and sometimes physical abuses and the sort of s*xual baits they were used for by Inna Patty.
They also alleged embezzlement of funds raised, by Inna Patty and her organisation.
In the wake of the allegations, GhanaCelebrities.Com decided to look at a copy of the Miss Ghana Contract, a document which until now has been a secret weapon of the organisers. The contract is the one signed in 2015 and shockingly, it shows everything that’s wrong with the beauty pageant.
A reasonable reading of the Contract and Code of Conduct show clearly the existing imbalance of power and gross unfairness of the two documents, to the disadvantage of the Beauty Queens.
Clause 4 of the Code of Conduct demands, as reported that, the winners of Miss Ghana raise 10,000 GHS per month, a total of 120, 000 GHS per annum.
Clause 8.3 of the Contract states that the Beauty Queens shall be fined and have to pay 100 GHS anytime they are late for an event. And if they fail to show up at all, they would be stripped off.

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Interestingly, the Contract prohibits the winners of Miss Ghana from holding the organizers liable for any prize package promised and not honoured or delivered by a sponsor. This means, if the organizers of Miss Ghana promises to give a winner 100,000 GHS or a car based on a promise from a sponsor, the winner cannot sue them to claim this money or item if it’s not honoured.
And since almost all the prize packages are from sponsors; you can hypothetically be left with just a valueless crown on your head as a winner—without any cause of action, even if you were promised millions of things at the beginning of the competition.

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Also, the Contract demands that winners of Miss Ghana maintain a body size of 6 to 10 (UK size)—and the Beauty Queens are prohibited by Contract to speak to any media person or house directly or directly. This explains why these young vulnerable women are never able to speak out even when they are abused, exploited and mistreated.
Considering the terms of the Miss Ghana Contract as sighted (below) and also the fact that Giuseppina Baafi, Miss Ghana 2013, was stripped of her title because she failed to sign a contract without her lawyer first looking at it, one can say, the scheme’s organizers intentionally set off to manipulate the winners on the back of unfair contract terms.
Check out the full Miss Ghana Contract below…

Check out the audios below…


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