We Should Be Broadcasting Our Own Culture And Not Kumkum Bhagya — Ursula Owusu Hits Out At Popular TV Show

Kumkum Bhagya stars in Ghana

Minister of Communication Ursula Owusu Ekuful has hit out at local stations telecasting foreign content such as Kumkum Bhagya whilst ignoring local shows.
According to the minister, the digital platform and the opportunities it presents should be used to promote our local culture and not Indian and foreign culture.
The Indian soap opera has become a phenomenon since Adom TV started broadcasting it a few years ago. It has even spurned an entire genre known as ‘twinovelas’ as many other stations rush to copy Adom’s success.
Speaking at a recent forum, Ursula took aim at the show and said the move to Digital terrestial television should have given us the chance to showcase more of our culture to the world.
“I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this forum to guide the policy implementation especially in the creation of content. Africa also very rich culture and this is our opportunity to showcase what we have to the rest of the world. We should not always be consumers of contents produced in other jurisdiction but also be proud of what we have and sell our culture, our lifestyle, our belief to the rest of the world.” she said.
“For us in Ghana, I was trying very hard not to mention any programme, so let my apologize to …I don’t even know what station broadcast it. The DTT Platform should not just be a platform to showcase Kumkum Byagya.” Ursula, MP for Ablekuma West, added.


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