Evidence Indicating That Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant Contestants Raised Money Meant for Korle-Bu Maternity Ward Which the Former Queens Say Inna Patty Squandered

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Four former Miss Ghana Queens have come out to share their shocking experiences, revolving around being pimped, exploited, embezzlement of funds, verbal and physical abuse.
They also alleged that Inna Patty and her organisation embezzled funds they raised.
In an interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com, Margaret Kuma-Mintah, 2013 Miss Ghana first runner-up cited the case of money they were made to raise which was to go to Korle-Bu Maternity ward but Inna Patty and her cronies, never donated to Korle-Bu.
Margaret recounted that, before the grand finale in 2013, all the 20 contestants were asked to raised funds to make a donation to Korle-Bu’s maternity ward. She raised 6,000 GHS out of the 10,000 GHS target each was given, her other friend (contestant) raised the whole 10,000 GHS and even though she cannot remember how much the others raised, they also raised something.
Yet, Inna Patty failed to make the said donation—claiming the money raised was not enough and therefore she was going to deposit the money into a Miss Ghana bank account. Inna Patty is said to have told the girls that after the final event, they would make the said donation—and Margaret says, this never happened and she does not know what Inna did with the monies they raised.
GhanaCelebrities.Com has today been furnished with a copy of the letter these Miss Ghana contestants used to raise the funds intended for Korle-Bu, which ended somewhere else, per what the Beauty Queen said.
The letter clearly states that the money being raised was to go to Korle-Bu.
To get the contestants to bring in as much money as possible, Margaret Kuma-Mintah told GhanaCelebrities.Com that, Inna Patty instituted that, the two highest fundraisers automatically secured a position into the top 10 of the competition.

Despite the seriousness of all the allegations levelled against Inna Patty and her company, which has become a national conversation, Inna herself has not said a word and has not been spotted anywhere since the news broke.
A day after GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news, Inna Patty was advertised as going to make a grand appearance on OKAY FM, where it was expected that she would shoot down the allegations erected against her but she disappointed the host, Abeiku Santana and listeners by failing to show up for the interview.
Several calls to her to ascertain why she was not in the studio also went unanswered.
It’s being said that the magnitude of the scandal has led to people advising Inna Patty to run away from it, by being mute–hoping time will be able to beat it down.

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