Gospel Musicians In Ghana Dress Like Prostitutes — Nicholas Omane Achaempong

Veteran gospel musician Nicholas Omane Achaempong has hit out at the current crop of female gospel stars in the country, whom he said have started dressing like prostitutes in their music videos and performances.
According to Omane, sharing the word of God which should be the mantra of these musicians has changed to something else entirely.
“The gospel music is now like a beauty contest.” the ‘Tabitha Kum’ hitmaker said in a recent interview.
“If you watch the music videos of most gospel musicians their make-up and other things do not represent what they are preaching. Sorry to say, most of them dress like prostitutes. I am not saying all of them because some of them dress nicely,” he said.
“It appears that the word of God is not valuable to most of them,” he added.
According to him, aside this obvious departure from the word of God, creativity has also been sucked out of the industry making the songs coming out these days all plagiarized versions of old songs.
“…Not every song is a song. There are certain songs that people will rush to listen. But this year, I haven’t heard of any good gospel song. 90% of the songs being released today are remixing of the old songs,” he opined.


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