Inna Patty And Her 'Pimping' Nose Have Become the Most Wanted GHOSTS in Ghana–Following Former Miss Ghana Queens' Pimping & Exploitation Scandal

Inna Maryam Patty

Inna Patty, owner of Exclusive Events Ghana, organisers of the Miss Ghana Beauty pageant has literally become a ghost alongside her ‘pimping’ nose–after 4 former Beauty Queens came out to share experiences, revolving around being pimped, exploited, embezzlement of funds, verbal and physical abuse.
Despite the seriousness of the allegations levelled against Inna Patty and her company, which has become a national conversation, Inna herself has not said a word and has not been spotted anywhere since the news broke.
A day after GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news, Inna Patty was advertised as going to make a grand appearance on OKAY FM, where it was expected that she would shoot down the allegations erected against her but she disappointed the host, Abeiku Santana and listeners by failing to show up for the interview.
Several calls to her to ascertain why she was not in the studio also went unanswered.
It’s being said that the magnitude of the scandal has led to people advising Inna Patty to run away from it, by being mute–hoping time will be able to beat it down.
Kwasi Aboagye of Neat Fm and Peace Fm stated on Neat Fm this morning that, despite being a friend of Inna Patty, he messaged her in the wake of the controversy and after reading his message, Inna has failed to reply.

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Whatever it is, concerned Ghanaians including those in authority are ready to get to the bottom of this Miss Ghana issue–and therefore Inna Patty’s ghosting tactics, wouldn’t in any way save her alleged “pimping” butt and nose.


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