Ras Mubarak (MP For Kunbungu) 'Pushes' For Investigations Into Inna Patty And Miss Ghana Pageant Allegations, Says Inna Patty Should Be Punished If Found Guilty

Inna Maryam Patty

Journalism in Ghana can be defined as joke, hypocrisy, lies and a$$-k*ssing profession, most Ghanaian journalists either knew or heard about the longtime rot hidden under the sleeves of Inna Patty and her Exclusive Event Ghana company but why couldn’t any Ghanaian journalist investigate and then uncover their bad deeds? The answer is simple, fear, hypocrisy and a$$-k*ssing approach to journalism.
Over the years, the most controversial blog in Ghana–Ghanacelebrirties.com has never gotten it wrong in all their breaking news and exclusives and yet the 98% of hypocrite Ghanaians think that the Founding Editor, Chris-Vincent just capitalizes on bad news to thrive.

The blog has been threatened with an uncountable number of lawsuits and yet none of them has ever seen the light of day, WHY? Perhaps people just ignore the truth of any story and then ignorantly threatens to sue.
Note, Ghanacelebrities.com never breaks the news without verifying, before any breaking news is published, a proper scrutiny goes into it before it makes its way into the public domain.

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Now, member of Parliament for Kunbungu in the Northern Region, Ras Mubarak has added his voice to the Miss Ghana pageant scandal and ‘pushed’ for a proper investigation into the whole allegations.
Ras Mubarak indicated that all the allegations levelled against Inna Patty and her company amounts to criminality and therefore needs to be investigated fully and the culprits are punished if found guilty.

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The member of Parliament added that young girls need not be exploited in pursuit of their dreams. He made those comments on his Facebook page and below is what he said.



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