Diamond Appiah Delightfully Invokes' Curses On 'Hail Mary' But Does Nothing About Her Painful Grammar

They always say it gets worst before it finally gets better but we can confidently say this unhealthy social media banter our one-time parliamentary candidate, Diamond Appiah is engaging in will only get nasty and never better.
It is either Diamond is not right upstairs or she has a lot of time on her hands. She has been going on and on with some social media folks we are yet to see. According to her, these folks have been spreading lies about her and back bitting celebrities without any provocation.
The thing has rather taken an uneventful turn today as she invokes curses on one Ahwedie Abena Akonoba Asiamah with the handle hail_mary.
She curses the lady with all the lesser gods in the Ashanti, Volta and Northern regions but after she has told us where the said lady lives in the States.
Below is the full caption of the picture of the lady and her curses served delightfully by Diamond.
“Like seriously @hail_mary10 you reporting the post about u to be removed by instagram ? ? ? ? is the biggest biggest mistake you’ve ever made. Oh so u don’t want @nanaakuaaddo@moeshaboduong @empress_gifty@mimiandanimichaels @emeliabrobbey and all the celebrities you have been insulting to see the ugly Chimpanzee behind that page right ? ? ? ? .
“Oh, then I will repost this pic 3 times by popular request and let the whole world know that this thing here called AHWEDIE ABENA AKONOBA ASIAMAH is the imbecile that has been cyber bullying, insulting n humuliating celebrities in Ghana.
“I tot u were running your mouth n threatened u will curse me when I expose u so why didn’t u do that but rather reported my first post to be removed by instagram.
“? ? ? oh so u don’t have the guts for ppl to see your dirty face but u hide behind a page to insult n bully celelebrites and their children. As for the curse I have already cursed u and will repost the curse again so the fools hitting the report post button receive block now ? ? ? ?.”


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