Four Power Point Relationship Tips By Ex-President Kufour–Read And Spice Up Your Relationship

Relationships are very important in the life of every human being, either good or bad relationship teaches some vital lessons in life. Useful relationships are very important as most of them end up with some life benefits like marriage, financial help, and the likes.
Now ex-president Kufour has hinted on four-point relationship tips which if followed could lead to peace, harmony and happiness in relationships. Below are his four-point relationship tips;

–Respect Your Partner
According to the former president, respect is very vital in relationships, this means that there should be mutual respect by both partners. Partners are to respect the decisions of each other if there would be happiness and peace between them.
-Be Sincere To Each Other
A lot of Ghanaian marriages lack sincerity hence the numerous problems encountered in Ghanaian marriages. Even though it is a virtue difficult to portray but it is worth it. Most partners are not sincere with each other and president Kufour admonishes such partners to put on the armour of sincerity.

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–Be Tolerance
President Kufour believes that being tolerant in a marriage is an important key to survival. According to him, we all have our differences but what keeps us going is tolerance, in simple terms, tolerating each other’s views is the key to staying together in peace and harmony.

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–Feeling For Each Other
Feeling for each other in a relationship or marriage is very important to the sustainability of the relationship or marriage. Being hurtless destroy healthy relationships and a lot of marriages have collapsed due to lack of sympathy. President Kufour describes this virtue as priceless and each partner should adopt it.


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