'Religion Poisons Everything' — Muslim Man Boldy States That 'Child Marriage Is Our Religious Belief'

A Nigerian man has demonstrated all that is wrong with thinking driven by religion, especially in Africa, by boldly claiming that ‘child marriage’ is a part of Muslim beliefs and thus should be free from criticism.
What else can make an otherwise properly functioning human, who believes wholeheartedly that he is a ‘moral’ individual, proudly support paedophilia in public and couch it as the ‘will of God.’
The conversation in Nigeria the past few days has been centred around the fight against child marriage and paedophilia, which unfortunately is prevalent in certain parts of the country, especially the Muslim north.
A politician, Femi Fani-Kayode, recently criticized the Emir of Kano for not doing much to help the fight in the north of the country.
In response, twitter user Usman Solo hit out at Femi for daring to criticize the ‘religious belief’ of Muslims to be able to marry children and have s*x with them when they’re not yet fully developed.
But its not shocking, the founder of the religion himself, Mohammed, is (in)famously known for marrying a child bride, so if the holy prophet did it obviously it must be ok.
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