I Will Never Leave My Boyfriend Just Because He Cheated On Me — Jane Awoonor

Cheating in a relationship is a deal breaker for many ladies, infidelity being where they draw the line. Some women would endure a lot of things but would walk out the door the moment you cheat.
One lady definitely not in that camp is Jane Awoonor, CEO of Spa 216. According to her, she would never leave her man simply for cheating as it doesn’t “mean anything” to her.
Awoonor joined tv presenter Dzifa Gray and Joselyn Dumas on the latter’s reality talk show ‘Keeping Up with Joselyn Dumas’ to discuss cheating in relationships and how girlfriends should report any issue of cheating they come across.
Dumas asked her guests if they would like to know if their spouse was seen cheating on them and Awoonor said cheating would never let her leave her men therefore she would rather not know about it.

“If I see your boyfriend cheating on you, would you like it if I came to tell you?” Dumas asked her panel.

“I don’t wanna know. What will it do to me? Am I going to leave my boyfriend because you told me he’s cheating…? It doesn’t mean anything to me.” Awoonor replied.

“If ever you do [catch my boyfriend cheating], don’t tell me cuz I don’t wanna know.”

In contrast, Joselyn Dumas said she would very much like to know if her spouse was caught cheating on her by a friend. In fact, she would like concrete evidence of the cheating herself.
“If you tell me my boyfriend is cheating on me, I would like to catch him in the act. I would like to see the girl…I want evidence.” the actress said.
Dzifa Gray also opined that she would like to know if a spouse was cheating on her. She narrated an incident from her past where she caught an ex in the act, cheating on her with another woman on bedsheets she had bought.
Every weekend, Joselyn Dumas sits down with two chosen female guests to discuss the pertinent issues facing them on ‘Keeping it Real’. The program airs every Saturday night on GhOne TV at 8:30pm.


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