Alleged 'Weed' Addict Ahuofe Patri Lecture Ghanaians How To Use Condom Instead Of Educating Them On The Negative Effects Of Smoking 'Weed'

Ahuofe Patri turns HIV/AIDS advocate by teaching Ghanaians on how to use the condom to prevent the deadly disease from infecting them.
It was alleged that Ahuofe Patri had resorted to ‘weed’ smoking not too long ago and people wondered why would an alleged drug addict be teaching people to use condom rightly instead of sharing her experience on her journey of how she resorted to drugs. People were of the view that she should have taught people to refrain from ‘weed’ rather.

Ahuofe Patri who features in an upcoming Television show was challenged by producers of the show to teach random people how to use the condom properly.
The producers of Fiesta and Kiss condoms, DKT International, collaborated with Ahuofe Patri to educate people on the proper use of the condom. Ahuofe Patri distributed condoms to people at the Madina Zongo junction as part of plans to mark the 2017 World AIDs Day.
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Ahuofe used wooden dummy pen*s to teach people how to put the condom on and also gave out a bunch of condoms to people around the locality.
Apart from sharing and also educating people on the use of the condom, a health walk from Ayi Mensah to Aburi which saw, Giovanni Caleb of Starr FM and Ahuofe Patri for the first time take an adventurous walk up the mountain.
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According to her, she did this as an act of charity for iSocialTV due to her knowledge about the deadly HIV/AIDs virus which has taken millions of lives from the African continent and also to create awareness.


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