Diamond Appiah Responds To 'NDC Unprofessional Blogger' Mustapha Attractive's Claim That Bugri Naabu 'Used And Dumped' Her With Her Usual Sharp Tongue


Diamond Appiah is pissed! The former singer, failed politician and current cosmetic cream seller has been in a social media war on many fronts in recent times.
The most recent attack claimed she had been used and dumped by the infamous NPP Northern Regional Chairman Bugri Naabu.
The report came from blogger Mustapha Attractive and in a typical lenghty response via social media, Diamond has attempted to debunk the accusations.
According to her, Bugri is a family friend who she sees as a father and can never have been in a s*xual relationship with him.
Read her post below…
“I wanted to ignore the lies that Nigerian NDC unprofessional blogger Attractive Mustafa published about me a few days ago but my noble family has urged me to defend my image and that of the other innocent party’s involved. Attractive Mustafa the NDC blogger should be aware that nobody takes his concocted lies n publications serious in this country except the babies with sharp teeth gang. He was the same guy that did a video of that old irrelevant female raga morphian rascal musician who insulted our beloved President and said all sort of degrading stuff about him so wot publication can one expect from such a JERK. Attractive u claimed “Mr Bugri Naabu has used and Dumped me” how can a father and an old family friend used and dump his daughter. Do u have an idea how long I and my family have known this man? Mr Bugri is a father figure to me and a very good friend to my Uncle the contractor. My family has known him for soo many years so never try to tarnish his image with your false publications.
“I hope you can see clearly that we attended an event together so there is nothing true about the lies being concorted by you and that useless roasted plantain skin NDC girl behind it. The man doesn’t even know her n her envy is real. So tell her to come up with another lie. ? ? ? Secondly my Fatherly relationship with the president has got nothing to do with Mr Bugri so stop lying about that too. Mr Bugri was in the North doing campaign when I paid a courtesy call to the President.
“The other issue with that little girl called Maame Sika has been so misinterpreted. A lady of my class n status will never stoop low to fight a 20yr old girl over a man bcos my boo won’t even look at her twice. I received msgs from her friends telling me how she goes around bragging to them that she works at the flag staff house which was untrue. She is only an usher at the Banquet hall. So I found this quite worrying in decided to send a subtle warming to her to stop lying about her job status n also desist from using the President and Vice presidents name in vain concorting lies they have never said cos those lies were going too far n I even received some on my fon. So I don’t understand why this mischievous blogger will twist and turn the story in such a distasteful manner. Attractive u know me n could have contacted me to gets the facts about this matter before writing the rubbish u did. so one more fake article about me n you will see yourself in court answering questions u don’t have answers to. Gud evening Ghana”


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