Dinner & Great Conversation With Chris-Vincent in London–Book Your Seat Now!

Chris-Vincent and wife in Shanghai-China!

It’s been an exciting year: many of us have never met or have not even had the time to sit down over food or a bottle of wine to catch up.
The social media conversation is not just enough.
I cherish great conversations over food and drinks—and it’s more refreshing if had with new people or those you long to catch up with.
Therefore, I think we should all chip in something to cater for our individual foods and drinks so we can have a wonderful night out at a posh restaurant I know of at Wood Green in North London on 30th December at 6:30 PM.
Life is too short not to have fun or meeting new people.
Once you have secured a spot by making your payment of just 20 pounds, message me on +447837576037 and I will furnish you with the name of the restaurant.
To make this intimate and lively, I am accepting only a limited number of people—so this will close when I feel we’ve gotten enough people.
My wife and I already count as two people; so take a spot now!
Remember it’s Christmas, make it fun!
CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR SEAT NOW: https://paypal.me/pools/c/80prdkMHmU


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