GC EXCLUSIVE: Afriyie Acquah in Baby Mamas Trouble—He Has A Daughter Born in July and Baby Mama in Italy Alongside Jessica Lebene Who Also Gave Birth in November in Germany And the Italian Baby Mama is Dragging Him to Court Over Financial Responsibilities On Finding Out He’s A Cheating Liar

Lebene-Afriyie Acquah-Maria

Some footballers make a lot of money and therefore reasonable people wonder how come a lot of them end up being broke when their careers come to an end.
Afriyie Acquah should perhaps be our contemporary case study as his “monkey” dick seems to be carving a future of nothingness for him.
A few weeks ago, it was widely reported online that, Jessica Lebene, the Germany based Ghanaian woman who is credited with leaking Amanda Acquah’s sex tape that showed the then wife of Afriyie inserting a deodorant into her coochie—has given birth to a baby, for the Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah.
Tales have it that, Jessica Lebene effortlessly fully won the heart of Afriyie Acquah after Amanda was heard calling the footballer a monkey, obviously because of his looks, in a leaked tape.
Afriyie Acquah and Baby Adele

Following Lebene’s baby with Afriyie Acquah reports, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that Afriyie Acquah has another baby called Adele, born in Italy to an Italian, Rosa Torres Indhira Maria.
We’ve not just been told, we’ve actually obtained official copies of the birth certificate of the baby, Rosa Torres Adele—and photos of Afriyie Acquah holding and feeding the baby.

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A source close to the mother in Milan told our interpreter, “Afriyie Acquah told Indhira Maria that she was his only woman and wanted them to keep their relationship under the radar because of the sort of destruction the eyes of the public may cause to their relationship.”
“It’s now obvious Afriyie Acquah did this because he was chopping down another girl, Lebene, in Germany—with whom he is said to now also have a child with,” the source added.

Birth Certificate of Rosa Torres Adele

GhanaCelebrities.Com has been told that, when the Italian baby mama read of Lebene’s connection and baby with Afriyie Acquah online and confronted the footballer, he denied everything—saying, Ghanaian media lies a lot and that he does not have any child with any woman called Jessica Lebene in Germany.
Adele was born in July 2017 which places her birth before Lebene’s child and yet, Afriyie managed to keep it away from the media—perhaps, he didn’t want Jessica Lebene who was pregnant at the time to get a wind of it.
Aside the Baby Mamas drama Afriyie Acquah is excitedly cooking, we’ve been told the Italian Baby Mama says Afriyie Acquah is a cheating liar she cannot trust anymore—and she is, therefore, dragging his Ghanaian butt to court, over financial responsibilities towards her and baby Adele.
Afriyie Acquah and Baby Adele

And that will surely cost Afriye a lot in Child Support payments—which he will have to pay for a long time until the child reaches about 18 years.
When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Afriyie Acquah for a comment over his hovering Baby Mamas troubles and lawsuit, he bailed out on us—asking us to name our source first.
Interestingly, both Lebene and Indhira Maria are hot catches, all brewing in Afriyie Acquah’s footballer cash pot—that’s not even that deep.
Maria and her Baby-Adele

We are told Indhira Maria’s father is an Economist based in Milan.
When you hear that Afriyie Acquah has been cleaned up–don’t look far for where all his football money must have disappeared to, because two hot Europe based Instagram chicks and their babies do not come cheap, especially when the courts get involved.
Rosa Torres Indhira Maria-_Afriyie’s baby mama

Rosa Torres Indhira Maria-_Afriyie’s baby mama

Rosa Torres Indhira Maria-_Afriyie’s baby mama

Jessica Lebene-Afriyie Acquah’s 2nd Baby Mama

Jessica Lebene


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