An 18 Year Old Raped Me When I Was 11 Years Old — Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has revealed that he was defiled when he was 11 years old by an older girl who convinced him to play ‘Mama ne Dada’.
Speaking at the heavily advertized ‘Orgasm Conference’ in Accra, Ampaw said he had no idea what was going on as the girl had s*x with him and that he now realizes he was defiled.
“I quite remember the first day I broke my virginity, it was rape….at the age of I think 11 years. We had this girl who was 18-years and was from Chorkor, and I from Sukura. So we did what we call ‘Maame ne Paapa’. So she said she was the ‘Maame’ and I was the ‘Paapa’.” he revealed.
“Most of these things happen especially in compound houses. You know where you have a young girl telling a young boy you are my husband. Some of them start to have s*x without the young ones without their consent which is very bad. If you are a lady and you have s*x with a guy who is below the age of 16 years, you have defiled him. You can go to prison maximum 25-years and minimum 7-years.” he warned.


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